Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inaugural Post

So finally I created a Blog…wow !! I was thinking of doing it for a long time. So here I am…and what all did it take, a bit of self-motivation, few auto-suggestions and yeah! of coarse assertive persuasion from a friend, a big time blogger and Basically a Jobless Seeker!! So I thought chalo give it a try…what’s the big deal yaar, after all it’s just a blog. Everybody is doing this these days…even my ten year-old cousin too!! So I should also add some significance to my otherwise not-so-happening-life.

But my secret apprehensions and warnings of my blogger friend turned out to be true when my newly-created blog was still waiting to boast of a single post even after a week of its birth.

What should I begin with?? After all it’s going to be my maiden post…has to be special. Nothing got into my mind. Then I thought let’s begin with what made me to start a blog. But again who the hell is dying to know about what all was or is going in my mind or life?? I believe nobody. But then I realized that I am here not because I have something great to tell to the world or somebody out there is interested in knowing about me but more because I had to take time and know more about myself. I think that happens with most of us. Especially who resort to writing during their troubled or not-so-happy days. There are times when you don’t feel like sharing your inner turmoil even with closest of your friends...I think you can’t expect them to understand when it is getting difficult for you to understand yourself. When you are not sure what exactly is disturbing you. That is the time when you sit back and try and sort out your random thoughts or emotions and put them on a paper. That’s how I stared writing. It was wonderful. It is like meeting yourself. And what I found amazing was every time I found out a new person within the very person I was knowing for 21 years!! I didn’t know many things about myself because I just never tried to do so. I knew myself through the people around me. I am and have been living with a constructed identity. I know that term sounds heavy but that is precisely what I experienced. I have just started to peep out of my conditioned self and look out for more in me!
So here begins my voyage to search the self. If anybody else is traveling by the same boat, most welcome!! Though here we don’t travel by boat or ship… it’s a wild dive but I promise it’s going to be a fascinating journey, full of surprises!!

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